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Below is a list of Night Flight videos for trading that were found while cruising the net for Night Flight information. Some of this information may be old so dates are included when known. Contact information for these individuals is on the pages linked here. If there is no link, a "modified" email address is included. So these people don't receive spam, email address are changed from to "user at host dot com" (i.e. @="at" and .="dot"). If you are listed (or not listed) here and would like to be added, removed or have information changed, please contact me on the message board.

Who: John a.k.a. tripNhard
Date: 8/29/03
Link: Night Flight message board
Comments: Trip posted this in the Night Flight forum.
  • Mr. Gloom - a very trippy cartoon and the audio is very trippy too.
  • Trippin' to the Moon - dialogue edited George Melies classic early sci-fi film.
  • Reagans on Drugs - "highly" edited dialogue....very funny.
  • Pieces of Sex - compilation of vintage and modern film footage with music and Dr. Ruth mixed in too.
  • The Dude Line - take off on those late night phone sex lines advertised on tv.
  • added a short clip featuring the Night Flight theme music and their mailing address.
  • plus more

Who: Jay
Date: Updated on a regular basis (last update 8/11/03)
Link: Contact info, Movies, TV. Specials, & VCDs, New Arrivals, Kiss Videos List
Comments: Jay has had his page up for at least several months and has posted his link in the Night Flight forum.
Details: Night Flight Volume 1
2 episodes of this great "cult" show from the 80's features short films, stand-up comedians, rock videos and tons more! First episode is Atomic TV. so there are a lot of clips concerning bombs and other great stuff, the other is an anniversary episode with a female comedian who plays the accordion.
Night Flight Volume 2
This episode deals with Censorship, PMRC, Hype and all kinds of other goodies!
Creatures of the Night Compilation vol 1
News footage about Kiss being Satan worshipers/Entertainment Tonight /Brazil 1983 /Unedited Night Flight interview with the band. This tape contains a lot of Vinnie Vincent Clips.

Who: Ken
Date: 5/27/03
Comments: Ken posted this list on the Detroit Horror TV & Horror Hosts forum
Details: A couple of Dynaman eps on tape
Some Heavy Metal Heroes eps
A few New Wave Theater segments
"J-Men Forever" on DVD

Who: chunk
Date: 4/13/03
Link: Detroit Horror TV & Horror Hosts forum
Comments: chunk posted this on the Detroit Horror TV & Horror Hosts forum
Details: A og copy of Alex Winter's early film that appeared on Night Flight called Squeal of Death

Who: Mike a.k.a. morbius56
Date: 4/12/03
Link: Message 64 - Night Flight Yahoo! group
Comments: Mike posted this on the Night Flight Yahoo group
Details: A great 2 hour tape with metal videos and the history of Black Sabbath and Ozzy

Who: Keith
Date: 1/22/03
Link: Detroit Horror TV & Horror Hosts forum
Comments: Keith posted this on his Detroit Horror TV & Horror Hosts forum
Details: a couple episodes on video

Who: John
Date: 9/19/01
Link: Video Addicts Hotline - Re: looking for usa networks night flight
Comments: This was posted a couple of years ago but it's such a good find I'm including it here.
Details: Night Flight 4th annniversary special (1985)
Music Videos: Madonna- "Material Girl"
Frankie Goes to Hollywood- "Welcomt to the pleasure dome"
?- "Call me"
Till Tuesday- "Voices carry"
Newman- "Bad boys"
Run DMC- "You talk too much"
The Fuzztones- "Ward 81"
The Hooters- "All you zombies"
Red and the boys- "Movin' and groovin'"
R.E.M.- "South central rain (I'm sorry)"
Jason and the Scorchers- "White Lies"
The Blasters- "Colored lights"
Los Lobos- "Will the wolf survive"
Long Ryders- "I had a dream"
Lone Justice- "Ways to be wicked"
Cock Robin- "When your heart is weak"
Boy meets girl- "Hey girl"
U2- "A sort of homecoming"
Kate Bush- "Wuthering heights"
Jesse Rae- "Over the sea"
Cabaret Voltaire- "Sensoria"
King- "Love and pride"
Mondino- "La danse des mots"
Neubauten- "Autobahn"
Righeria- "No tengo dinero"
Lady Pink- "Minus zero"
Julunka- "Scatterling"
Malcolm McClaren- "Soweto"
Angel City- "Stand up"
LRB (little river band)- "Playing to win"
Jimmy Cliff- "We all are one"
Bob Marley- "One Love"
John Sanborn- "Heartbeat"
John Sanborn- "Ear to the ground" (1/2 of only)

Commercials: Levi button fly jeans
The Goonies (trailer)
Seagrams wine coolers
Fletch (trailer)
Northwest bell telephone
Sea & ski suntan lotion
D.A.R.Y.L. (trailer)
A&W rootbeer (John Goodman)
Perfect (trailer)
Levi jeans
Esquire magazine
Levi Jeans

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